FCCPS Announces Employee Awards

Robarge Named FCEF Teacher of the Year
Posted on 04/10/2019

Falls Church City Public Schools (FCCPS) is recognizing 6 employees today for their tremendous service to the division. Each will also be feted during the annual FCCPS Celebration of Excellence on May 6th.

Marc Robarge, FCEF 2019 Teacher of the Year being congratulated by students. and staff.

FCEF Teacher of the Year

Marc Robarge - Art Teacher, George Mason High School

The first is Marc Robarge, a longtime art teacher at George Mason High School.  He is the 2019 Falls Church Education Foundation Teacher of the Year and the recipient of $1500 gift FCEF.

“Marc Robarge is a sculptor. He is literally a professional artist who is a sculptor, but he is also a sculptor of the environment around him, serving and shaping the conditions of those with whom he comes into contact so that they can be the best that they can be.” Chris Pikrallidas, GMHS Teacher

“I still remember the very first day of class, when he asked each of us what we wanted to do with our lives. No matter what our interests, he told us it’s possible to achieve our goals with hard work and passion. His passion was art. Over the three years I took his art classes, he inspired my mind to burst with creativity and color.” Rachel Horovitz, GMHS Class of 2015

“Marc fosters relationships among people, art, and our community. He has also helped me personally as a first-year art teacher and along the way since then.” Angela Wicklund, TJ Art Teacher

“Mr. Robarge seems to have inner emotional radar that somehow detects each individual student’s needs. Want proof? Just walk into his end-of-the-year IB Art Show. Each year, the show is like a living, breathing collection that screams: ‘Here’s how Mr. Robarge helped me to bring out the best in myself.’” Bruce Horovitz, parent


Norma Sorto congratulated by students and staffSupport Staff Employee of the Year (Classroom)

Norma Sorto, Special Education Paraprofessional, Thomas Jefferson Elementary School

“Norma tirelessly supports students and staff the very moment she enters the school building until she walks out. She is unyielding in her pursuit to make her students' school experience the best it can be, no matter the time of day or class.” Miguel González, TJ Spanish Teacher

“Norma's dedication to the profession and her love for our students is shown throughout the entire community through her hard work, empathy she has for others, and her love of learning. Norma always accepts a challenge and is willing to nurture the most difficult students until they are able to flourish on their own. “ Alex Raines, TJ Special Education Teacher

“Norma has supported FCCPS classrooms to ensure inclusion, dignity and life-long learning for students with special needs for over 15 years.” Liz McCarthy, GMHS Transitions Coordinator

“As a mother, knowing that a generous, kind, nurturing, and an extremely capable person like Norma is helping my daughter with her many challenges brings me so much peace.” Cady Jardine, parent

Carol Seaver congratulated by colleaguesProfessional Specialist of the Year

Carol Seaver, School Counselor, Thomas Jefferson Elementary School

“When we talk about the social well-being of our students, we seek the advice of our guidance counselor, Carol Seaver. From her small groups to her lunch bunch and her sage advice given at various meetings, from *Kid Talks" to Eligibility meetings, Carol has a way of helping everyone see the point of view of another person. She has a wonderful ability to support student needs when it comes to facing life's obstacles and bumps.” Lisa Allan, Heidi Lang, Miriam Schimmoller, Thomas Jefferson teachers

“Mrs. Seaver inspired me to return to graduate school and become a school counselor. Since that time, Mrs. Seaver has served as my mentor and role model. As I completed my coursework, my appreciation for Mrs. Seaver grew. She embodied all of the skills, characteristics, and qualities that I was learning about.” Jed Jackson, Mt. Daniel School Counselor

“The conversations with her students are rich and meaningful because she cares so deeply about their social well being and emotional needs. Her calm, gentle demeanor helps set a peaceful tone and allows her students to feel safe and open up to her. The students with which our team works range from struggling readers to highly gifted students to English as a second language learners and we can attest to the fact that Carol works effectively with all of them. “ Thomas Jefferson Specialist Team

“As a member of the School Based Team, she is an advocate for both students and teachers. She is in constant communication with teachers and often avoids email to take the time to talk in person about a student.” Thomas Jefferson Second Grade Team

Jennifer Lee congratulated by Food Services Director Richard KaneSupport Staff Employee of the Year (Operational)

Jennifer Lee, Food Services Manager, Food Service Dept. and Bus Aide, Transportation

“Every day, with a smile and a great attitude Jennifer Lee represents the best of Foodservice at FCCPS.” Richard Kane, FCCPS Food Services Director

“Jennifer has turned our cafeteria into a well-oiled machine. With current TJ enrollment at 781 students, it is mandatory that lunch run smoothly and efficiently in the 20 minutes allotted for each grade level to purchase and eat. Jennifer's leadership is paramount to the success and organization that takes place each day in the cafeteria.” TJ Second Grade Team

“Jennifer is a dedicated employee whose work in food service and as a bus aide is just a bit of what others see looking from the outside in. Her paperwork is always immaculate and is used as a model for the rest of the staff to follow.” Sindy Morel, FCCPS Food Service Operations Manager

“Mrs. Lee arrives at school in the early hours before any of the teachers and students arrive to start preparation for breakfasts and lunches that are served to hundreds of children and staff members.” Julie Huber, Health and Physical Education Teacher Thomas Jefferson Elementary School


Katherine Hicks congratulated by Principal Paul SwansonBeginning Teacher Awardee

Katherine Hicks, 4th Grade Teacher, Thomas Jefferson Elementary

Molly Greer congratulated by her colleaguesBeginning Teacher Awardee

Molly Greer, 7th Grade English Teacher, Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School

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